“Education & Transformation Response & Recovery Plan beyond COVID 19”

Fellow Scholars & Researchers:

You are invited to submit a paper for publishing in Volume 3, Edition 2 (November 2023) of the African Journal in Education Transformation (AJET), ISSN 2788-6379.

The African Journal in Education and Transformation (AJET), ISSN 2788-6379 is an open-access, peer-reviewed and multidisciplinary bi-annual Journal offering graduate scholars the opportunity to participate in research output.

The Journal avails a platform for novice and experienced Researchers to journal detailed accounts of specific research projects. The ultimate objective is to encourage graduate Researchers to attain professional ratings by the National Research Foundation (NRF).

The overall theme of Edition 3 is “Education & Transformation Response & Recovery Plan beyond COVID 19”.

The Journal publishes peer-reviewed articles, review articles, case studies, exemplar profiles, viewpoints and research results from practitioners of all grades and professions, academics and other specialists on the broad spectrum of functional areas.


  • Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Management Sciences
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Built Environment


  • Submission of Abstracts: 30 October 2023
  • Submission of Full Papers: 30 October 2023
  • Notification of Acceptance / Rejection: 20 November 2023
  • Revised Manuscript due: 30 November 2023
  • Publication date: 7 December 2023 

All paper submissions by email to the Editor in Chief. 

Editor in Chief

Prof Thidziambi S Phendla

African Journal in Education & Transformation (AJET) Email: research@ajet.org.za